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Profibus Connection To A MX2-inverter With Gateway PRT1-SCU11

The OMRON gateway between Profibus and serial connections does not work only with temperature controllers, but since version 2 also with inverters. With the inverter MX2 it is possible to access control and status bits over modbus hold registers (1F01). 
Hardware needed
• PLC with Profibus-Master e.g. CJ1M-CPU11 with CJ1W-PRM21
• Gateway PRT1-SCU11
• Inverter MX2
Cable connections                         
PRT1-SCU (RS485) MX2
  R+ SP
  R- SN
PRT1-SCU11 setup
In the manual W01E-EN-02 from chapter 2-1-3 on, the setup of the gateway is described.
Set the Node address (Profibus address) to 02, (= 0 x10, 2 x1)
Set the DIP-switch 3 to ON, all others to OFF (9600 Baud , Modbus).
Set the switch 1 and 2 to ON (RS485, with termination)
MX2 – inverter setup
In the manual I114-EN-01 appendix B or I570 chapter 6-3 the necessary settings are described.
Following settings fit to the above given PRT1-SCU settings:
A001: 3 Frequency source
A002: 3 Run command source
C071: 05 9600 bps
C072: 1 Modbus address
C074: 01 Even parity
C075: 1 stop bits
After changing the settings, reset the MX2 or recycle power.
Configuration of the Profibus-Master
The configuration of the OMRON Profibus master CJ1W-PRM21 is also described in the PRT1-SCU manual chapter 2-6-2.
In the enclosed example projects the PRM21 has unit number 4 and profibus address 1 and the PRT1-SCU has profibus slave address 2.
The document consists of settings and screen shots for the CX-ConfiguratorFDT on the subsequent pages.



PRT1_SCU_MX2_V2.cxp - Size: 10476
PRT1_SCU11_MX2_v2.cpr - Size: 458545

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