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How Do I Allow A User to Use the Standard Web Pages in CX-Supervisor?


CX-Supervisor V3 allows users to connect using maintenance web pages. If a user tries to connect without first adding a user with the has permission to do this, they are presented with the following message:

Login unsuccessful. Check credentials and try again.

How to Add a User with Web Permissions

From Developer, select Project->Runtime Security->Configured Users

This will present you with a list of all the currently defined users, some are already set up by default:

None of the default users are configured with web access, it is possible to modify them to give them permission but it is advisable to create a new user with a unique password for security reasons.

Click the Add button to all entry of the new user. Fill in the details for the user and check 'Allow web access for this user':

Allow web access for this user

Once details have been entered be sure to press the store button before you close the window.

Before these changes can take affect, you must recreate the runtime again using the 'Run the project' button and allowing the project to save if asked.

The user will now be able to log into the web pages when the runtime project is running.

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Created 2009-11-11
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