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What Is Error "Port is used by another application" when using CS1W-CIF31?

When connecting with CS1W-CIF31 you may get the error: "The Port is used by another application"

This can be caused by other software (e.g. mobile phone suites like SonyEricsson PC Suite or Nokia PCSuite) which has installed a bluetooth driver on a fixed COM port. If your CIF31 isn't plugged when you are installing the phone software, the phone software will just take the next unused port which might conflict with the CIF31 installation. The next time your are trying to use the CIF31 the port will be unavailable.

How to workaround this:

  1. You can uninstall the phone software. That will make the Port available for the CIF31.
  2. You can plug your CIF31 cable into another USB port. Windows will reinstall the driver and give you a new COM Port. The phone software will then use the old COM port number, so the problem is avoided.
  3. If you have a colleague with another CIF31, you can swap cables. Each CIF31 has a unique hardware identifier and the first time it is plugged in it will always install the new driver (and you'll get a new COM Port number).

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