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Why Is CX-Drive Missing MX2 Inverter?

CX-Drive 1.9 does not show hardware option for MX2 inverter

CX-Drive 1.9 standalone users that updated with "CX-Drive Version update software 2009.08_0401" and have also installed CX-One 3.x and installed CX-One Autoupdate "CX-Motion Pro Version Upgrade Software 2009.06_0301" (MTP0906_0301SETUP.EXE)

The CX-Motion Pro update can overwrite the newer files installed by the CX-Drive update. As a result the functionality is rolled back to an earlier version.
To reinstall the latest files you need to uninstall the CX-Drive update, and then reapply it:
  • Go to Windows Control Panel and click Add / Remove programs
  • Uninstall "CX-Drive Version Update Software 2009.08_0401"
  • Reboot if requested
  • Reinstall it again (e.g. via CX-One Autoupdate utility)


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Created 2009-09-16
Modified 2009-09-21
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