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Login And Web Configuration Of CS/CJ ETN21

This tutorial is intended to explain the login and configuration of CS/CJ ETN21.

I. Connection with Internet Explorer
1. Connect to the default address of the card ETN21 http://192.168.250.x/0 x is the node number (in front of the card) or the IP address previously configured.
2. Enter the default password: ETHERNET
3. In the Settings menu, select System and then adjust the desired IP address.

4. Save the changes using the SET button.

Note: ETN maps using an automatic allocation method (Auto Dynamics) between FINS node number and the last fields of the IP address. This method is used by default. Therefore, an IP address requires placing the wheel 'Node' in front of the card with the value 'D' otherwise you can ping the IP address but you can not connect to PLC with software using the OMRON FINS protocol. 

II. Login / Configuration with CX-Programmer
1. From the editor I/O table of CX-Programmer, or create I/O table from the controller.

2. Open the window settings of the Ethernet card and then type the IP address of the ETN card. The automatic conversion method requires no FINS nodes (here 13). If for reasons of integration is not possible to adapt IP address and no nodes, select Table, and add IP addresses in the IP table.

3. If there is a bridge or a router, enter its address in the router table.

4. Transfer the changes and restart map ETN

III. Examples of connections via router

IV. Diagnosis
ERH LED flashes to signal an ET|N card error.
To learn more:
1. Display the diagnostic window accessible via the "Software" button
2. Then select the tab "State error"

Here, the last field of the IP address does not match the one designated in front of the card (hex 41) as it is in fact the node number 65 (decimal), not 41.

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Created 2009-08-21
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