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Methods Of Program Protection

This tutorial is designed to introduce the methods of protection for programmes available for PLCs in CX-Programmer.
I. Protection program password
1. In the properties of the controller, set a password "Program"
2. Transfer the program. CX-Programmer displays a warning message about this protection. From that moment, the program is protected. No action is required to validate the password.
II. Unlock protected program
1. In the menu PLC / Protection,

Uncheck the item and then reading Task protected remove the protection

III. Partial protection tasks
1. In the properties of the task, press the option for protection.

2. In the properties of the controller, set a password for the tasks.

3. Transfer the project in the PLC
4. Now, for the re-connection, the user can trace the unprotected tasks and select Partial Transfer from the context menu.

The symbols and contacts used in the protected work will not be visible from the table of cross references.
5. To unlock the protection in the work, from the menu PLC / Protection / cancel a password, select the task item protected read-only and enter the password

Note 1: The 2 types of protection (program and tasks) are cumulative. Note 2: The switch 1 Crane PLC lets you stop the write / erase involuntary (program, routing table, table I / O etc ...).
Note 3: The function blocks can also be protected from version 6.1 of CX-Programmer.

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