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How To Connect NS to PLC Via Dedicated Line

This tutorial is designed to cover the NS to PLC connection via a dedicated line using a Gener modem.

I. Setting modems
1. AT & F Recall factory configuration
2. AT + MS: V34 + Mod 11,0,0,19200,19200 without self-adaptation limited to 19200
3. AT% E3 Renegotiation line (bad quality) A
4. AT & D0 DTR signal strength
5. AT! RS: 19200, E, 7.2 format 19,200 bps, even parity, 7 bits, 2 stop
6. Remove ATE0Q1 echo and accounts
7. Turn switch 3 to ON on 2 modems
8. Turn switch 1 to ON on one of the modems (respondent)

II. Setting the PLC CS / CJ
1. Configure the custom port of RS232C PLC to Hostlink 19200,7,2, E

2. Switch switch 5 on the front of the PLC OFF

III. Setting the NS
1. Configure the RS2323C port using the NS to mode Host Link 19200Bps

IV. Wiring PLC / NS and Modem

Attention!: Be careful to identify both the PLC side and the side of the modem cable

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