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Can CX-Supervisor Be Used With Industrial Touchscreen PCs (IPCs)?

Absolutely. CX-Supervisor is designed for use with Omron’s DyaloX Touchscreen IPC but can be used with other manufacturers. It has special features especially for Touchscreen PCs:
  • Edit animations have option to enter data from a popup keyboard to allow typing direct on the screen.
  • CX-Supervisor Login dialog has a popup keyboard.
  • Project setting for 'Large dialogs' to increase font size on high resolution touchscreens giving a larger contact area.

Projects can be built on a development machine and deployed using “Create Runtime Install Disk” to copy required files to a shared drive or USB memory stick.

It is also commonplace to copy a shortcut to the SR2 application to the 'Startup' folder. If the keyboard is to be detached see also “How To Enable Automatic Login in Windows”



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