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How To Connect PC To NS And PLC via bluetooth

This tutorial is designed to cover the connection from a PC to NS and PLC via bluetooth.
The Promi SD202-OA adapts the serial ports of the PLC and NS to a Bluetooth connection and is powered directly from pin 6 of DB9 connector. The setting is done using the configurator 'PromiWin'
1. Connect the Promi SD to your PC via the supplied adapter cable
2. Feed the Promi SD (or USB power supply. 5v)
3. Install and run the configurator PromiWin
4. Select the port and the communication format 9600, N, 1.
5. In the Device Settings menu, select 3 and format 115200, N, 1, and a password (1234 default) and check Authentication.
6. Transfer parameters (Apply button)

II. Configuration PLC CS / CJ
1. Configure the port RS232C mode Toolbus, 115200 format 8, N, 1 is taxed (offset display format)

 2. Turn switch 5 on the front of the PLC to OFF (settings)

III. Connecting the PC to Promi SD
1. Perform a search for Bluetooth device 

2. Double click on Promi-SD20202A

3. Click  to accept the connection request of Promi-SD.

4. Enter the Bluetooth PIN code 1234 (default)

5. Note the number assigned to the Bluetooth virtual serial port (COM6 here)

IV. Connecting Cx-Programmer to the PLC
1. Configure the CX-Programmer connection as below

V. PLC to NS Connection
The NT-Link format is not fixed, you must use the fixed Hostlink (Sysmac-Way).

VI. Multiple connections
You can connect up to 7 pieces of Omron equipment if you add a  Promi-MSP 102 type router and 14 pieces equipment if adding a second router Promi-MSP 102.


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