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How Do I Create Reports And HTML Reports? - CX-Supervisor

CX-Supervisor provides a simple yet powerful report generation facility. Using the same 'Points Substitution' format, a text based template file may be used to generate a report. Good formats are .TXT, .RTF and .HTML. Binary formats like Word .DOC can be problematic although RTF can usually be used in these cases.

These generated files may then be viewed, or distributed using a file server or web server. Note that although information may be textual or graphical in nature these reports are intended for non real-time output of data only, and not for monitoring or control.

See documentation for "GenerateReport" script function for more information, and the "Coffee Tutorial" Step 12 in the CX-Supervisor Getting Started Manual.

See -> "How do I make an HTML report update and refresh automatically?"

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Created 2008-10-17
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