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Using Windows Vista and Windows 7 User Account Control With CX-Supervisor

CX-Supervisor works with Windows Vista (From Version 3.0) and Windows 7 (From Version 3.1), although sometimes you may need to change some settings. If you experience problems, you may find that you have 'User Account control' switched on or that you are not logged in with full Administrator permissions.
User Account Control

User Account Control is a security feature which prevents applications from doing things which require administrator rights. Sometimes this has caused problems with CX-Supervisor and other applications.

To turn it off  in Windows Vista, you must choose User Accounts from Control Panel and make sure that Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer is not checked. Windows 7 has a slide control instead of a checkbox, you need to put this to the bottom 'Never Notify'.

Limited Permissions

If you are not logged in as an administrator, you should follow the instructions in the myOMRON article:


Further Information

For more information on operating systems supported by CX-Supervisor, see the following article:

Which Operating Systems Does CX-Supervisor Support?

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