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How To Change The IP Address Of The CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet Option Board With CX-Programmer?

It is not possible to change the IP address of an out-of-box CP1W-CIF41 with USB/Serial PLC connection method without first connecting to the unit via the Ethernet/web browser. You must change the default IP address from to using the web browser function. After this initial change is made we can use CX-Programmer connected via USB/Serial to alter DM values in n+155 and n+156 changing the IP address accordingly.

If the IP address in the web browser is not, the IP address display/setting area n+155 and n+156 will act as a display area only. In this condition the PLC memory values will be overwritten upon power up or restart. Changing this PLC memory area value will have no effect on the unit IP address.

If the IP address in the web browser is, the IP address display/setting area n+ 155 and n+156 will act as a setting area. In this condition the CP1W-CIF41 uses this PLC memory area as the IP address for configuration on power up.

Note: Changing IP address with DM memory locations may cause errors on the CP1W-CIF41. Address disagreement error may occur when the FINS node number set for the option board does not agree with the host ID in the IP address. This probably occurs when the address conversion method is set for automatic address generation. To prevent this error change address conversion mode to manual with the web browser.

Additional info: DM memory location varies per controller type and option port number 1-2. The following information describes the unit address for each option port.
Option Port No I/O Capacity Unit Address Range of Status Area
Option port 1 14/20 0xFC DM32300 to DM32456
30/40/60 0xFD DM32000 to DM32156
Option port 2 30/40/60 0xFC DM32300 to DM32456
n = DM32000 + 300×(0xFD - Unit Address)

n = Mode setting (2 bytes)
n+1 = FINS/TCP port number (2 bytes)
n+2 = FINS/UDP port number (2 bytes)
n+3 = IP address (4 bytes)
n+5 = Subnet mask (4 bytes)
n+7 = Reserved (2 bytes)
n+8 = IP address table (194 bytes)
n+105 = IP router table (66 bytes)
n+138 = FINS/TCP connection setup (22 bytes)
n+149 = HTTP server setup (10 bytes)
n+154 = FINS node address (2 bytes)
n+155 = Using IP Address Display/Setting Area (4 bytes)
An example configuration is shown below.
Default web address: (E00 for English, J00 for Japanese, C00 for Chinese)
Default Login Password: ETHERNET

Settings shown for configuring IP address with DM setting method
Now we can alter values in n+156 with CX-Programmer
*These details and references were made at the time of CP1W-CIF41 v1.06 release. Newer versions may operate and function differently. Version number can be checked via the web browser at "Status View" and "System Information".
*More detailed information can be found in manual W462 (CP1L CPU Unit Operation Manual).

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