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Database Connection To SQL Database - CX-Supervisor


CX-Supervisor Settings
The setting is analogous to an Access database, just select the dsn file that you previously created.
Select the datasource and then for selecting the dsn file. You should be in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ ODBC \ Data Sources \ stand. When compiling the file, you can specify this folder.
After these settings, you can connect to the database (SQL server must be running).


Command Description 
DBOpen( „DB Name" )  Without restriction
DBClose( „DB Name" )  Without restriction 
DBProperty->BOF  Not true if the database is in its early stages 
DBProperty->EOF  Without restriction 
DBProperty->Current Record  Always displays a set one more than actual data
DBProperty->Record count  Without restriction 
DBProperty->Current page  Gives the actual number of the displayed entry again 
DBProperty->Page count   
DBProperty->Page size 
DBProperty->Field count  Always shows 0 even though the database has 13 fields 
DBStatus->Open  Without restriction 
DBStatus->Close  Always true even if the database is open 
DBMove->First  Without restriction 
DBMove->Last  Without restriction 
DBMove->Next  2 sets of jumps return value works correctly 
DBMove->NextPage  Return value is 0 when the function was executed correctly 
DBMove->Previous  No reaction 
DBMove->PreviousPage  Also jumps to the next sequence, like Next and always returns 0 
DBMove->Position  Also jumps to the next sequence, like Next and always returns 0 
DBRead  Without restriction 
DBDelete( „DB Name" )  It will delete the current record displayed
DBWrite  Has the same problem it will be the next row changed, not the displayed 
DBAddNew  Without restriction 
DBUpdate  Only after a record added 
DBExecute->Requery  Without restriction 
DBExcute->SQL SQL commands can be sent to the database

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Akon_Database.pag - Size: 40448
DAS_AnlagenDB.pag - Size: 112640
database.mdb - Size: 679936
daten_sql.frm - Size: 8902
daten_sql.MYD - Size: 104424
daten_sql.MYI - Size: 1024
Datenaustausch.dsn - Size: 127
Datenbank_Seite.pag - Size: 102400
DATENBANK_SQL.SR2 - Size: 302080
DB_SQL_mit_Supervisor.ppt - Size: 223744
DATENBANK_SQL.rec - Size: 2
Doku_Datenbank.xls - Size: 20992
Test_Access.mdb - Size: 1277952

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