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Function Block For CJ1M For NC Modules

While there are pre-made function blocks in the FB library, they require rewriting of the CJ1M (EM-memory addressing is standard in FB, but not present in the CJ1M). Here is a PLC program for the CJ1M with the rewritten function blocks (without addressing EM), the NC control unit. The attached program includes everything available from the FB library program beyond the field of CJ1M, so you do not need to first delete the FB.

However, it will very quickly take up space if you use the FB. So for an economical system configuration CJ1M + NC see attached.

The declarations are to FB as *. pdf files in the same CX-Programmer directory, such as the FB ... \ Program Files \ OMRON \ Lib \ FBL \ omronlib \ Position Controller \ NCX.


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Created 2009-06-11
Modified 2009-06-11
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