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Circular CJ1M-V3 Function Block With NS-Smart Active Parts

This is a demo for a curve with two drive axles, the entries are made on a NS-user terminal with Smart Active Parts.
The PLC program calculates a circle with given parameters such as radius, angle (eg, = 360 °), number of vertices (up to 200) or a rectangle with rounded corners defined parameters such as X, Y-sites, radius, angle = 90 ° , number of vertices (up 200). After the one-time calculation can be made the actual trip. The possibility of the position data from a file on the CF memory card is also read.
Unused FBs can be deleted, which saves space in the CJ1M.


DatConv.xls - Size: 59904
Muster.csv - Size: 2
MVC-060X.JPG - Size: 135227
MVC-061X.JPG - Size: 63633
MVC-062X.JPG - Size: 117053
MVC-063X.JPG - Size: 119567
NC213.IPP - Size: 65509
OM700.xls - Size: 75776

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Created 2009-06-11
Modified 2009-06-11
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