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Scaling with FB - CJ1M

An example for CJ1M hardware. 
Please review the attachments listed below.
Skalier.cxp Operand 2 for parameters required for SCL to 4 words
Parameter is an array variable, array element size is 4.
SCL_Real_mit_APR.cxp Scaling with APR in FBs
Skalier_FB.cxp Scaling examples with FB: INT to BCD values, INT-values, values with REAL ST programmed.
FB3_right.cxp Scaling with FB, APR-command for 5 X, Y REAL-values, ie Array of 10 REAL values
APR_Float.opt A sample program for 12 bases, real-values. They are arrays (tables with consecutive addresses). The corresponding symbols can be found at the local symbols for "APR_Program". X-values must be entered in ascending order, X [0], X [1] ... X [12]. Corresponding Y values Y [0], Y [1] ... Y [12].
Addresses can be changed most easily with the automatic address assignment, if necessary.

This is based on the latest version of CX-Programmer with which arrays may be used. Otherwise, rewrite the symbols so that the addresses stay in the correct order.




APR_Float.cxp - Size: 3940
APR_Float.opt - Size: 10487
FB3_right.cxp - Size: 5407
SCL_INT.cxf - Size: 567
SCL_KOP.cxf - Size: 748
SCL_REAL.cxf - Size: 550
SCL_Real_mit_APR.cxp - Size: 14292
Skalier.cxp - Size: 3992
Skalier.opt - Size: 7552
Skalier_FB_.cxp - Size: 4926

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Created 2009-06-11
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