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How Do I Install Windows Forms Controls?


Sometimes it is nice to use some extra controls provided by Microsoft in your CX-Supervisor applications. These can be added using the ActiveX toolbar in CX-Supervisor. However, if you develop on a machine that is different to where you will run the application, you should ensure that the components exist on the target machine.  The Microsoft forms controls do not come with Windows but are installed with other Microsoft products such as Office.


The obvious solution is to install Microsoft office on the target machine, however, with the costs involved you may wish to find a cheaper solution. Microsoft have an application called ActiveX Control Pad which you can freely download from the Microsoft Website.
This application installs the ActiveX Forms components and allows you to use them in other applications. You do not need to run the ActiveX Control Pad after it is installed.

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Created 2009-06-01
Modified 2010-02-10
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