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How Can I Use an Old Version of CX-Supervisor Software Protection on a New Computer?


Many modern PCs do not come with a parallel port or floppy drive as standard. For this reason CX-Supervisor has used a USB dongle since version 1.3 rather than a parallel port dongle and floppy disk software token.
This can cause a problem when an old computer is updated and you have a version of CX-Supervisor earlier than 1.3.
External USB floppy drives and parallel ports have caused many problems as the software uses low level drivers to communicate directly with the hardware which is usually not supported by these external devices.


The best solution in this situation is to upgrade to the latest version of CX-Supervisor and benefit from all the improvements and new features offered.

However, if this is not practical there are still a few possible options.

If you have a token disk, you must make sure you remove the token off the old machine onto the token disk. It is then possible to use this providing you have a conventional internal floppy disk drive rather than an external USB floppy drive.

It is possible to purchase an internal parallel port PCI card. However, the drivers for the old parallel port dongle sometimes don't support newer expansion cards and the token installation cannot see the new port. It is possible to upgrade the dongle drivers which may help with this.

You can download the latest drivers from the HASP Download Website

Download the file. This expands into an .exe which installs the relevant drivers.

The driver is Hardlock.sys, and this is installed into C:\Windows\System32\Drivers (on a Windows XP machine). This can be copied into the CX-Supervisor folder (C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-Supervisor). When the dongle installer is now run it will use the new driver which may support the new hardware.

This information cannot be guaranteed to work as there are many manufacturers of supplementary parallel ports. The only guaranteed solution is to upgrade to the latest CX-Supervisor and use the USB dongle.



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