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How Do I Access "CX-Supervisor Local Points" From Omron Graphical Components

Omron ActiveX Graphical components, like the Thumbwheel shipped with CX-Supervisor or those shipped with CX-Server Lite and CX-Server OPC (7 Segment, Display, Knob Toggle etc) can be placed on CX-Supervisor pages and linked directly to CX-Supervisor points by selecting a data source of  "CX-Supervisor Local Points".

However, note that the default setting for points is to allow reading, but to protect against writing from external sources like these controls. If this is attempted you will get the following error message “OLE Point <pointname> has no write access”.

Note however, that as a low priority message the default project configuration will not cause the error log to automatically open and you will have to manually view the error log viewer.

To prevent this error and to allow write access change the ‘OLE Access’ to ‘Read/Write’ on the Advanced Point Settings dialog.
Note: Copy Protection must be installed for this function.

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Created 2008-10-16
Modified 2008-12-09
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