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Master MODBUS RTU PLC CS1, CJ1 and CQM1 (H) (ladder)

Modbus Master for CJ1, CS1 and CQM1 had been amended to correct this problem with reset of the DM.
Attached is a Modbus program for CS1 and CJ1. The routine uses the same channels as the C200H-alpha bit version.
The attached documentation is the same as for the existing versions. (file SYSMOD.DOC)


Cqm1_m_v2.cxp - Size: 7597
Crc.mem - Size: 2532
crc_modbus.xls - Size: 19968
CS1_m_2.cxp - Size: 9971
CS1G_crc.mem - Size: 2777
Sysmod.doc - Size: 1538048

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Created 2009-05-18
Modified 2009-05-18
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