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Why Do I Get "Please Wait While Windows Configures..." Message?

Sometimes a system might give an error message "Please wait while Windows Configures..." naming an installation like some or all of the following:


"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable":


"Error 1706":


The actual installation name or update can vary from case to case but the symptom is basically the same.

The Windows Operating System has a File Protection feature as part of the standard Windows Installer technology has a feature to check all installed DLLs and files are correct. At certain times, Windows decides to re-check for any corrupted or missing files and if it finds any, tries to re-run the installation in "Repair" mode to recover the correct installation.

These error messages are a result of this system finding corruption in the installation, and attempting to re-run the installation in repair mode. Most likely that the installation files are no longer present or were only a temporary download. 


To resolve this problem you need to return the OS and installed files to a good state.

Full Method:

To be completely sure of a full restoration, the only guaranteed method is to resintall the software completely. The full method is described in this article How Can I Fix Software Installation Problems?

Quick Method:

There is a quicker method to reinstall just the mentioned program or update:

  1. The problematic installer should first be uninstalled from "Apps & features" section of Control Panel. If the named installation is not shown in the "Apps & features" list then you can uninstall it using Microsoft Installer FixIt tool from the Microsoft web site. When the FixIt tool launches select help with uninstall and select the name from the given list.
  2. Re-run Omron Software Autoupdate installer or manually launch the required installer.

This will return the OS and installed files to a known state which will prevent the error dialogs popping up. 

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