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Function Block For Sending SMS for CS1 and CJ1

Function Block for sending SMS via the serial port of integrated PLC CS1 and CJ1 Series.
The PLC's serial port must already be cleared of protocol. The modem must be configured to speeds of 9600, no parity and 8 data bits. The local echo of the modem must be disabled with the command ATE0.
The FB takes the phone number from the DM, and sets it as a sequence of ASCII codes and the string of SMS. For both there must be a byte = 0 after the last character.
Within the FB you have to specify the DM which you have taken the phone number from as a constant boundary (eg & 100 -> D100), the same applies to the string of text message.


sms.cxp - Size: 8797

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Created 2009-05-07
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