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Can I Use CX-Simulator with CX-Supervisor?

In CX-Supervisor v3 CX-Simulator is integrated so you can simulate one of your PLCs with its CX-Programmer program with a single click... Just choose 'Run with Simulator' from the Project menu in the developer:

This will build your and run your runtime in the same way as if you were running with a real PLC. However, once the runtime has started you will be prompted to link one of your project PLCs with a CX-Programmer project:

This will then launch CX-Programmer and run your program in CX-Simulator. CX-Supervisor will connect to this simulated PLC.

Note: For this function to work you need CX-One installed on your computer, with CX-Programmer and CX-Simulator options installed.  If these are not installed then the "Run with CX-Simulator" option is disabled and shown greyed out.


Using CX-Simulator directly from CX-Supervisor (for versions earlier than v3)

If you are using a version of CX-Supervisor earlier than v3 you can reconfigure your project to connect directly to CX-Simulator. To achieve this follow these steps:

  • Start CX-Simulator from the windows Start menu.
  • Select 'Create New PLC'
  • Select the required PLC Type
  • No need to register I/O ---> Next
  • Keep default Virtual Comms Unit ---> Next
  • Keep default Comm Port ---> Next
  • Create the data folder ---> Finish
  • In the work CX-Simulator dialogue, connect to the virtual PLC.
  • Start the virtual PLC. It must be started first for CX-Supervisor to be able to open the device.
  • In CX-Supervisor project, set the PLC type as per CX-Simulator or FinsGateway.
  • Set the communication type as per CX-Simulator setup e.g. default is Controller Link, Network 1 Node 10 Unit 0

When the CX-Supervisor project is run, communication with the virtual PLC will be established. All PLC aspects of CX-Supervisor will work with CX-Simulator as if it were a real PLC

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