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How To Convert L7Z 1034 Parameter Files To The New 2032 Firmware Using CX-Drive

If you try to connect CX-Drive with your saved parameters file taken from a 1034 firmware the following message will appear:
Please follow the procedure below to convert the file into the new 2032 firmware.

1. With CX-Drive open the file where the parameter of L7 1034 or earlier firmware version are stored or upload the parameters for L7Z 1034 firmware.
2. Open Drive properties using the menu option Drive/Change or with the mouse, right click the drive in the workspace and select Properties option
3. Drive Change dialog appears

4. Open Drive Type settings and select 2032 firmware number
5. Click OK, After that there can happen 2 cases :
1st case : Your original file had all parameters in its default value, in this case CX-Drive will automatically change 2032 and all the parameters will be in its default settings. No more actions you need to do in this case.
2nd case : Your original file has some parameter out of default, then the following message will be displayed
Click Yes

6. The conversion process will start. The conversion rules applied by CX-Drive is:
Consider A as original file or 1034 and B the destination or 2032
R1- If a parameter exist in A and B -> Copy the parameter value from A to B
R2- If a parameter exist in A and it does not in B -> Ignore the value
R3- If a parameter does no exist in A and it does in B -> Create a new parameter with the default value

The parameters found under R2 rule will be shown in the following dialog, Click OK.


B1-03 (Stopping method selection) has been removed in the new version, as stopping methods other than "Ramp to Stop" makes no sense in a Lift application.

O2-09 (Initialize Mode Selection) has dissappear, but it doesn't affect, as L7Z is European product. Now is fixed to European spec initialize.

7. The conversion is now completed. CX-Drive will have transfered all the parameters values to the new 2032 firmware.
The resulting file depends on the original configuration you have, therefore it is necessary you review the the resulting document by opening parameter editor and then filter all parameters by
changed values and also by invalid values.
It is possible you need to change some value to adapt the configuration required by 2032. The attached excel sheet contains all the changes in parameters between 1034 and 2032 fimrwares. It can help you to identify any possible problem in the resulting converted document.


2032.xls - Size: 26112

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Created 2009-05-06
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