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Are Omron products OPC compliant?


We often receive questions regarding compliance of CX-Server OPC and compatibility with various clients (e.g. non-Omron SCADAs) and also regarding the compatibility of CX-Supervisor with various OPC servers for non-Omron hardware.

OPC Compliance

It is not possible to test every server with every client, this would be a massive undertaking and of limited benefit - the OPC standards are there so any compliant client will work with any compliant server without the need for further testing.

The OPC Foundation website maintains a list of all clients and servers that have registered as compliant and which version and part of the OPC standard is supported. Click here to see the list. CX-Supervisor (client) and CX-Server OPC (server) are v2.0 DA compliant so will work with all other 2.0 DA compliant software, in addition CX-Server OPC also supports 1.0 DA as some 3rd party SCADA manufacturers do not support v2.0

Not all OPC clients and servers are listed on this website but this is a very good guideline to those that are guaranteed to work.

For further information about OPC and the different standards, there is a lot of information and news on the main OPC Foundation website

If there are problems interacting with a compliant client or server Omron will always be happy to help, please post a message on myOMRON.

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