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Where Are The Latest Omron USB Drivers?

The latest USB drivers for various Omron devices can be found in the myOMRON Downloads section. You must be a registered user to access this area. The drivers for each device can be found in the following sub-folders:

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 Product Description myOMRON Download folder


NJ Machine Controllers
CJ2 Family
CP Family
NS Series

Direct USB connection to NJ Machine Controllers, CJ2 family PLCs, CP PLC family and NS terminals

 Includes Windows 10

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/PLC_NS
NQ Compact HMI

Direct USB connection to NQ terminal

(Provided with NQ-Designer and can be found at C:\Program Files\OMRON\NQ-Designer\USBDrivers\)

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/NQ

USB to Serial Converter cable

 Includes Windows 10 

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/CS1W-CIF31

RS-232C/USB to RS-422/485 Converter

 Includes Windows 10  

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/K3SC

USB-Infrared Adapter

 Includes Windows 10 

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/E58-CIFIR

Temperature Controller cable

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/E58-CIFQ1

Using USB to RJ45-RS422 convertor cable (USBRJ45RS422CONVCABLE) with JX and RX Invertors

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/USBRJ45RS422CONVCABLE

MX2 General Purpose Frequency Inverter using 3G3AX-CUSBM002-E programming cable

 Includes Windows 10 

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/3G3MX2

All servo drives in the G5-Series

 Includes Windows 10 

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/G5-Series
Sigma-5 All Sigma-5 servo drives /4.Products/Software/USB drivers/Sigma5

JX Frequency Inverter using 3G3AX-PCACN2 JX USB Programming cable 

 Includes Windows 10 

/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/3G3AX-PC
Please make sure you use the correct driver for your operating system. If your operating system is not listed in the downloads area then it is not supported.

To install any driver, plug in the device and if not prompted for the driver location, use Device Manager to install new drivers as described on the Microsoft website


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