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How Does Upgrading CX-Supervisor Affect The Communications Performance?

The graphs below show that this does not have an impact itself, which is not surprising as a communications functions, and therefore performance, are governed by the communication middleware: CX-Server. The graphs show:
  • Upgrading CX-Supervisor does not affect the total number of Subscription points that can be simultaneously read, which has remained more than 1000.
  • Performance of instantaneous read and write is not significantly affected by the version of CX-Supervisor.
  • Updating CX-Supervisor does not affect how performance degrades when the system gets busy.

Note: CX-Supervisor 1.2 and later do include automatic optimisations for writing array elements that can yield substantial results, particularly with serial communications. These performance improvements have been excluded from these results rather than distort the true figures.


Note:   lower write time indicates greater performance
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