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How Can I See If The Communication Network Is Overloaded? - CX-Supervisor

Use “CX-Supervisor Performance Monitor Tool” to see if the network is overloaded.

This tool is available in the CX-Supervisor run-time by right clicking and selecting Performance… ( if  security privileges allow). It can be used to see how much of the available bandwidth is in use. You can also see how many points are waiting to be processed and the latency of actual communications. To improve responsiveness try to reduce the bandwidth used, the latency and the number of active messages.

Note that performance begins to reduce well before 100% saturation is achieved. For example it is rare to achieve more than 70-80% for a serial connection. This is analogous to a motorway where cars slow down long before they are touching bumpers, and might only achieve a maximum of 50% capacity (i.e. each car has a car length space behind it).

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Created 2008-10-16
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