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What Is The Maximum Limit For Communication Updates? - CX-Supervisor

The charts below show the number of simultaneous reads per second depending on each PLC and Network used. The maximum number of CX-Supervisor points depends on the update rates and element sizes. For example, 1000 reads per second could be 1000 points of 1 element, with a 1 second update rate, or 200 array points with 5 elements with a 1 second update rate, or 20 array points with 5 elements with a 100 millisecond update rate, or any combination of variations.

The figures should be self-explanatory, but its worth noting that Toolbus is better than twice as good as SYSMAC WAY at the same baud rate, and depending on the PLC supports higher baud rates. This is a very cheap way to improve performance.
Note 1: These figures assume best-case scenario, where data is in contiguous addresses. Lesser performance will be achieved as memory areas are fragmented.
Note 2: These tests stopped at 1000 updates so actual limits are beyond this figure, except for CS1H Ethernet and Controller Link Networks, which has been tested for 10,000 updates per second.



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