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What are the trial versions of CX-Supervisor, CX-Server Lite and CX-Server OPC?


CX-Supervisor version 2.x and previous versions trials are installed from a special 'Trial' installation CD and do not require a license number to be entered during installation.

The Trial of CX-Supervisor allows unlimited functionality for the first 30 days of use - equivalent to a purchased version of the developer and the runtime PLUS edition.

After 30 days the functionality is reduced such that the developer will prevent creation of anything more than 50 points with no arrays. The runtime will allow external communications (e.g. to PLCs) for only 2 hours after the runtime is started.

Once CX-Supervisor trial has been installed, it must be uninstalled when a full version has been purchased - putting the runtime dongle in the PC will not make it work as a full version.


CX-Server Lite and CX-Server OPC

From Version 2.x the Trial versions are installed by not entering a license number when installing from a CD. Previous versions required a Trial CD to be used.

The trial versions are limited to 30 days use after which communications with devices will be limited to 2 hours only.

Once the trial has been installed, it must be uninstalled when a full version has been purchased.



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