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Asking A Question Within myOMRON As A Registered User

Whilst using the myOMRON site, it is possible that you may have a question that you would like to ask an Omron engineer. To do this you must first ensure that you are a registered user and that you have logged in to the myOMRON site. For further help on how to register and login please see the related articles listed below.

To send a question to an engineer, click on the 'Question & Answer' link in the main page.

You will then be asked to select a relevant geographical area . Once you have selected, please click on the 'Next' button.

An email form is displayed with your email address already filled in. Please enter a subject heading and then proceed to type your question in the message field. Using the blue hyperlink 'attach' button underneath the message field, you may also add any attachments that you think will help the engineer. When you are happy with your question, click on the 'Submit' button.

When the'Submit' button has been clicked, myOMRON will intelligently search through the knowledgebase to see if there are any articles already within the system that may be able to answer your question. If it finds any that match, it will now display these for you as snapshots.

If you wish to read any of these, click on the title. It may be that reading the article has answered your question and you no longer wish to send an email. If this is the case, simply clilck on 'Cancel - I found the answer'.

However, if you would still like to proceed then click on 'Submit Question'.

You will then be directed to a page that informs you that your question has been submitted. Please note, if the system was unable to fund any relevant articles to your question, you will be directed to this page immediately after filling in the email form.

You can now see that on the left hand side navigation menu, there is a small area entitled 'Your recent questions'. You can use this as a link to review your questions at any time. By clicking on it you will be taken to the rewiewing page.

When an engineer has answered your question, you will be alerted by email. If you would then like to review the answer, you may access the page in the way stated above or through the main login page 'Review Questions' page. Please see the related article below on information about reviewing your questions.


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