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Logging In To myOMRON As A Registered User

To log in to myOMRON you first need to be a registered user. For more information on how to become a registered user please follow the link below to the related article.

Once you have registered with myOMRON you will be supplied with a username and password. On the left hand side navigation menu of the main page there are two boxes underneath the 'Login' heading.

Enter your username in the box under the 'User' heading and your password in the box under the 'Pass' heading. Once you have entered this information click on the 'Login' hyperlink underneath.

Once you have logged in you will see that the main myOMRON page reloads with some additional features that are available to registered users only. As well as having the same links to the 'knowledgebase', 'announcements' and 'links' you now have links to 'Question and Answer' and 'Review my questions'. Click on the 'Question and Answer' section to send questions to myOMRON engineers. Click on the 'Review my questions' to monitor any questions that you have already posted and to see any possible replies. To find out more about these features click on the related articles below.

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