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Searching For An Article Within The Knowledgebase

When you enter the knowledgebase within myOMRON there are two available options for searching.
The first method is through using the category type headings, 'Product Type' and 'Article Type'. For more information on this method, please see the related article 'Navigating Around The Knowledgebase'.
The second way to search is with the search function. There are two simple searchboxes. One is located on the knowledgebase main page and the other is on the left hand side navigation menu.
Both of these boxes use a simple keyword search which trawls through the knowledgebase to find article titles and content which exactly match the letters you have entered. In order to ensure that all possible articles are captured it is sometimes better to type a word in its singular form rather than as a plural.
As an example, please see below for the returned articles when simply typing in the letters 'CX'. As you can see, all possible articles portaining to CX products have been returned. The searchb function displays the articles in lists of 10 per page. To view any of these articles, click on the title's blue hyperlink.
Underneath the list is the Adavanced Search function. To learn more about how to use this please read the related article below.
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