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Navigating Around The KnowledgeBase

Navigating around the knowledgebase. 

At the top of the myOMRON knowledgebase main page are the Search functions. These consist of a drop down list allowing you to search the articles by category and a free form text box in which you may search the articles by keyword.

Below the search function the knowledgebase is displayed by links to the main category types. Article and Product Type. These links provide another method of navigating through the data. By clicking on the links, you will see a list of all sub-categories within each heading. By, once again, selecting one of these categories, you will then see a full list of all articles which have been listed as belonging to that particular category. From this point, you may click on the individual articles to view them.

Underneath the search function and category types back on the main page, there are two lists displayed. The left hand side list displays a snapshot of all of the most popular articles within the knowledgebase. The right hand side list displays those articles which have been recently added. Again, simply clicking on the blue hyperlink of the article title will open up the article to be viewed in full.

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