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Release Notes NB-Designer 1.53

We have launched a new version of NB-Designer software (version 1.530).

NB-Designer is the programming software for the NB HMI series. It allows you to easily program all NB*-TW00B/TW01B models.

This is a minor release to fix some Bugs and improve usability.

Improved functions/problems:

  • Improved the function to detect an invalid communication address setting during compilation.
  • Screen view in Persian is now displayed correctly.
  • Screen Grid Spacing setting is reflected to the Edit and the Configuration and Setup windows for graphics.
  • Improved the management of bmp files for graphics.
  • Improved behaviors of the Project Work Space.
  • Improved behaviors of the Text Library window.
  • Resolved the issue that a possible communication error was not be detected in communications in a macro.
  • Resolved the issue that NB-Designer performance was degraded in opening a previous version of the data.
  • Resolved the issue that some strings registered in Text Library were not displayed in Group Component Library.

Registered users can download NB-Designer software by browsing the folder 4.Products\Software\NB Designer in myOmron Download area.


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