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The industrial environment is filled with many products using Real Time Operating Systems with many based on "VxWorks" which has recently been announced to have critical security flaws (for example known as "Urgent 11".

Omron can happily confirm the following products do not use VxWorks and therefore are unaffected by these vulnerabilities so customers are safe to use these products without concern:

  • Sysmac NJ and NX series controllers
  • Sysmac NY5 hybrid Machine Controllers and NYB/NYP Windows IPCs *
  • Sysmac NA HMI
  • Sysmac Safety Controllers
  • NS HMI
  • CJ1W-SPU01
  • ONC (Open Network Controller)
  • All non-RTOS products
* with exception of NYB1C-31B** RTOS Controllers available in Japanese market only, and specifically purchased with VxWorks ready installed 
Urgent/11  (Urgent 11)  image


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