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Release Notes NB-Designer 1.38

We have launched a new version of NB-Designer software (version 1.38).

NB-Designer is the programming software for the NB HMI series. It allows you to easily program all NB*-TW00B/TW01B models.

Note that this is a minor release primarily containing bug fixes and is related to the NB maintenance project which will consist of a few minor releases in a short period of time, primarily fixing but also improving several necessary functions.

Summary of V1.38

Compatible operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or higher)
- Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit edition)
- Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit edition)
- Microsoft Windows 8.0 (32-bit or 64-bit edition)

Remark: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are not supported within this release.

NB-Designer 1.38 supports remote access using VPN technology and includes minor updates.

• Improved firmware security while using the Web Server feature
• Improved warning message descriptions
• Improved BCD to BIN conversion
• Improved upload process
• Improved True Type font to scale accordingly while zoomed in
• Modified the maximum amount of HMI in the project to 1

New feature:
• Added support for remote access using VPN technology

Condition for Usage:

- User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
NB-Designer uses User Datagram Protocol for transferring data from and to the NB HMI.
Downloading or uploading NB-Designer project files using Wi-Fi or a network with high load increases the chance for communication disruptions significantly.

- Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
Enabling ‘Support VPN’ lowers the maximum transmission unit (maximum frame size). By default the maximum frame size is set to the maximum allowable value. The Virtual Private Network connection adds additional frame headers causing the total frame size to exceed the maximum frame size that network equipment can handle. The packages are dropped in the process causing a time-out message at NB-Designer.
Note: lowering the maximum frame size cause the download or upload process to require more time to send the data thus lowering the download and upload performances.

- Bandwidth
Remote access using low bandwidth can cause time-out communications. Low bandwidth examples are 3G / 4G mobile data communication connections. It is recommended to use a stable wired network connection with high bandwidth.


Please compile (menu: “compile all”) the complete NB project data created by previous version of NB-Designer again using this NB-Designer V1.38.

Also Update the Kernel and Root File System is needed for the new functionality. For more information about updating the firmware see the article: How to Update the NB Kernel and Root File System.

Registered users can download NB-Designer software by browsing the folder 4.Products\Software\NB Designer in myOmron Download area.

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