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We announce the release of our new machine automation platform: Sysmac (System for Machine Automation Control).

Sysmac stands for one machine control through one connection and one software and represents a major milestone in our ten year plan, aiming at strengthening and globalizing our dominant position in the machine automation business segment.

The guiding principles behind the Sysmac automation platform are:

  • One control for the entire machine or production cell
  • Harmony between machine and people
  • Open communication and open programming standards

The result is a powerful and robust automation platform with a new machine automation controller (Sysmac NJ), that integrates motion, sequencing, networking and vision inspection, a new software (Sysmac Studio), that includes configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring and a fast machine network (EtherCAT) to control motion, vision, sensors and actuators.

An immediate benefit of the new architecture is the seamless integration of Omron’s core competences within one control platform. Machine control and motion control are now one; field devices are controlled across one machine network and programmed by single software. ”Customers design their machines with one control platform and want to scale up their machines according to the application without affecting machine speed and performance”, states Shinya Yamasaki, Senior General Manager of Omron Automation Systems Division HQ.

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